Dr. Max Gerson 

Based on a True Story

by Scott Fales and Nancy Kremer

A dramatization based on the book 


by Howard Straus with Barbara Marinacci


Logline: A micro-focused doctor discovers a dietary cure for cancer and attempts to heal the world in spite of persistent hostile actions of communities with ulterior political and financial motives. Based on true events. 


Dr. Max Gerson, a Jewish doctor in pre-WWII Germany, discovers a dietary cure for cancer just as he must escape the beginning military control by the Nazis.  With the help of a wealthy patient whose life he saved, he and his family flee to America.

Max’s success in Europe earns him a research wing at Gotham Hospital in New York. He continues to heal cancer patients who have exhausted all current protocols.  His success angers authorities within the medical and pharmaceutical industries who refuse to allow his research to be published and label him a quack amongst his peers.

In 1946, Congress presents a bill to fund a one hundred million dollar Cancer Research Institute.  Max testifies at a sub-committee hearing and presents several of his healthy patients who were left to die after traditional methods failed. 

Raymond Gram Swing, a veteran radio personality, broadcasts portions of the hearing on his national show.  ABC Executives, under pressure from sponsors, demand Swing retract the Gerson portion; but Swing refuses, and is fired. 

Max’s testimony is redacted from the official Congressional record. Gotham Hospital closes Max’s research wing; his patients are taken off his protocols causing their health to deteriorate. The State of New York suspends his medical license.  The Cancer Society puts him on a list of “Unproven Cancer Therapies.” 

Max is inspired to overcome the actions of those with ulterior political and financial motives by going directly to the people.  He decides to write a book to reach cancer patients directly. 

Hostile forces covertly steal the research and case studies for his book; and eventually, put arsenic in his daily coffee. Max succumbs to infection, and assigns his daughter, Charlotte, with the responsibility to promulgate his healing protocols.